No One Sits This One Out!

Today’s Weekly Update is sponsored by Michelle French, Republican Nominee for Tax Assessor/Collector.

Please watch this video to see encapsulated what we are fighting and what we are fighting for: Thanks to Matt Armstrong for posting this on our
DCRP facebook page. Once you have seen it, please carefully consider the admonition within it: NO ONE SITS THIS ONE OUT!

Exciting news for the DCRP – our trip to Missouri to help with the Todd Akin for Senate ground game is officially on!  And with Tuesday’s news reports tying Akin’s Dem opponent, Claire McCaskill’s husband to some $40 million in government subsidies (including many voted upon by his Senator wife!), the momentum is definitely changing in Todd’s favor.

  Todd had pulled to within four points last week among “certain voters” according to a Rasmussen poll. This is a winnable race and now it’s up to us to help him over the finish line! We will be going to Missouri sometime during the last two weeks of October – exact dates to be determined by the schedules of those who wish to go knock on doors, do sign waves, make phone calls and other important pre-election activities. We will be back before Election Day itself. If you would like to go, please get in touch with Dianne Edmondson asap. . There may be some housing provided in private homes for our Texans, and we are deciding whether to fly or drive. So if you want to be  a part of this trip, jump in now!

There are still north Texans going to Florida (, Ohio ( and Virginia ( ). And if you can’t go but would like to help others with their expenses, you can do so by donating through the DCRP. We Texans CAN and WILL make a difference!

Lots of other good stuff happening this week for Republicans.  The Vice Presidential Debate  should be VERY interesting. It’s Thursday evening from 8 – 9:30 and will again be carried by all the major networks and Fox News. Paul Ryan and Joe Biden will discuss both foreign and domestic policy. It will be interesting to see if Biden can actually describe what our current foreign policy is. Plans are being finalized for our debate watching party for the last debate on Oct. 22. Will keep you posted!

Sen. Jane Nelson will be 40. Again. On Thursday night. Her bash is at the Austin Ranch in Grapevine and will be from 6 -8, so you can be home in time to watch the debate if you skip dessert! Her party is always a lot of fun and you can get full details here.  Hope to see you there in your cowboy getup! National delegates and alternates, let’s wear our Texas shirts to show off that great look!

Other event this week include our ongoing phone banks at HQ through Thursday night from 6 – 9 and on Saturday from 10 – 2. Quick and easy calls to help US Senate campaigns in other states. Come join us whenever you can –   we also can make calls at HQ during the day. For those who don’t want to do computer calls, we have lists that you can use to remind people in Montana and/or Michigan to watch for their absentee ballots. When we make those calls, it frees up their “local” volunteers to do door knocking, put out signs, etc. So these calls are very important and anyone can do them. Come join us and have a good time with good Republicans!

Congratulations to Rep. Myra Crownover, who received the Richard Sale III Award Saturday night at the 11th annual Hearts and Heroes banquet. Congratulations also to good Republican Ray David who was the event chair and to Judge Robert Ramirez who is the new Board Chair for the organization. You all make us proud!

Warm Republican Regards,