How ’bout that Platform!

Whew! It’s over! What a tremendous convention the GOP had in Tampa and as an alternate delegate, I was pleased to be representing Republicans from CD 26.

The convention’s speeches highlighted what a strong “bench” we have in the various Republican governors and senators throughout our country – and those governors’ stories of balancing budgets and restoring financial integrity to their respective states was just amazing. One interesting statistic: one of the speakers pointed out that the unemployment rates in the GOP-governed states was a full percentage point lower than in the dem-governed states. GOP governors rock!

Gov. Romney’s acceptance speech was very inspiring and showed us not only a superb businessman who knows how to do “turn arounds” but also a man who dearly loves his wife, his children and his country. It was a very nice touch that he approached the podium not from behind the stage curtains, as had all the other speakers, but rather through the crowd of delegations on the floor of the convention. He shook hands, spoke to individuals, and smiled at everyone as he made his way to the stage and the podium which had been moved closer to the convention delegations. Just a small thing, but a meaningful gesture.  

The platform that was crafted by the Platform Committee was simply awesome. Phyllis Schlafly, no slouch when it comes to analyzing previous platforms, reports that it’s probably the best platform ever for the GOP in her five decades as a conservative activist.  You can read the entire platform for yourself here:

The controversy over the proposed Rules changes actually was settled in a way that reflects a victory for grassroots and the right of states to select their national delegates as they choose. Yet there is so much mis-information going around the internet concerning those recently adopted rules. Originally, the rules changes as presented were bad and many states, including Texas, were prepared to present a Minority Report to keep two especially troublesome rules from being enacted. With so much grassroots concerns being voiced, another Rules committee meeting was held prior to the rules actually being presented to the convention for approval. And in that committee meeting, the grassroots won a great victory! First, the onerous language which would have negated the way that states select their delegates and which would have given a presumptive nominee the ability to “disavow” a delegate(s) was REMOVED. Then, the rule which allowed the RNC to change rules between conventions was significantly modified — by one of our Texas rules delegates — so that any change would need to have 3/4 rather than only a 2/3 majority of the RNC members to pass any change. That safeguard is very important and we should be grateful to Melinda Fredrick for fighting for its inclusion. You can read the report on the rules changes which she and Butch Davis have produced by going here:  It also contains a link to the entire new set of rules.

Now as to the manner in which the rules (and other committee reports) were handled on the floor, I regret to say that it was heavy-handed and not a good way to handle those reports. For one thing, there was no way to have an accurate voice vote as alternates and guests could (and did) yell either Aye or Nay, rather than just the voting delegates being heard. Additionally, there were many – if not most — delegates who were likely unaware that there would not be a minority report offered since the offending language had been removed or improved in the special Rules committee meeting. This confusion certainly could have been better handled by the chairman and would have made the issue which so divided the convention much less of a problem. It was an unfavorable contrast to the open and transparent manner that our state chairman, Steve Munisteri, handled the Texas state convention. As usual, we do things better here in the Lone Star state!

And if there is one thing we need now, it’s unity to take Obama out of office NOT a continued discussion about the procedures which were flawed but which produced for the most part the desired results in the case of the rules. Let’s celebrate the most conservative platform ever for our party! Voters who care about issues rather than personalities will compare our constitutionally-based platform with the socialism-promoting one of the democrats, and will see a very clear difference in the two statements in all three of Reagan’s three-legged stool principles: social, fiscal and national security issues. Let’s get past the intra-party squabbles and get on with making Obama a one-term president!

Please check our website for club meetings this week, as many of our groups are starting up again with their monthly gatherings.

And please mark the evening of Sept. 11 on your calendar: That night will be a very special one, not just because it’s the anniversary of the terrorists attacks on America. There will be a public showing of the documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down at the Grand Theatre in Lewisville. This shocking documentary is riveting as it explores and explains the path upon which our country has embarked. There is no charge to attend and most of our Denton County GOP clubs will be on hand with information about their meetings and how you can help in the 2012 Victory campaign. We really hope you can join us there. Full details are on our website:
And just in time for the fall campaign season which kicks off on Labor Day, Romney yard signs are due at our HQ this week, courtesy of our Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess.

For Victory in November,


DCRP Chairman