Which is better — Early voting or Election Day?

Early vote or election day???

This is a question that stimulates discussion among many Republicans with some die-hards on each side.

Many of our GOP faithful wouldn’t dream of breaking the tradition of voting on Election Day, including often standing in line to do so and they diligently track down their precinct’s polling site each election. (Sometimes those locations must be changed from year to year for various reasons.)

Then there are those who favor Early Voting point out that anything can happen to any of us during that two-week period – car wreck, illness, family emergency, etc. And then one might be prevented from getting to the polls on Election Day itself. So why take a chance, they argue. Plus there is the convenience of being able to vote at any of the many (17 this Election) polling sites within the county.

Well, there’s really no right or wrong answer for that discussion. For some people, such as those who are traveling out of Texas to help in other states, they must vote early to accommodate their travel schedules. Similar circumstances occur with others as well, making early voting a good method for lots of people. So if you are among those who want to vote early, tomorrow — Monday, October 22 — is the first day of early voting.

Here http://elections.dentoncounty.com/go.asp?Dept=82&Link=1304 is a link to the website which will show the 17 different locations, their hours of operation, a map for each site and even photos of the polling sites to help make it easier for you to locate them. Thanks to Frank Phillips and his Election Administration staff for a great job on this web page.

But no matter which way you choose to cast you ballot, please vote straight Republican. There are a whole slate of good candidates whom you will want to support and by voting the straight party ticket, you save yourself lots of time! It’s also a good way to make your selection for some more obscure races where you may not really know that candidate. As Wade Emmert, my counterpart in Dallas county points out,

If you don’t vote for a Republican you don’t know, you may well get a Democrat you won’t like!

Absentee Voting

If you are 65 years of age or older by Election Day, you are entitled to vote by absentee ballot. You must request an absentee ballot form from the Elections Administration office, and they must receive that request by end of business on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Since early voting has begun, you must send your request to the Elections Administration Office, 401 West Hickory in Denton, by U.S. mail or other common carrier such as FedEX or UPS. You will then be sent an absentee ballot to fill out and return. Our Early Ballot and Signature Verification Board, chaired by GOP activist Rudy Cajka, also begins its work on Monday and will work as needed through election day and beyond in order to process military ballots as well as verifying the signatures on absentee ballot requests and the ballot itself when it is mailed in. Since there is a greater possibility for voter fraud in mail ballots than any other area of voting, this Board is very important to a fair and honest election and we thank them for their service.

Debate Watch Party

It’s lots of fun to cheer on Gov. Romney against President Obama and Monday night, Oct. 22, is our last chance to do that! There are a couple of choices for Denton county Republicans. In Denton, we will be gathering at El Guapo’s restaurant at 419 S. Elm for a great Tex-Mex meal anytime after 6:30 with the debate on big screen TV at 8:00. Our HQ phone bank at will go from 5:30 till 7:30 Monday night, and those phoning are invited to join the watch party in Denton. In the Frisco area, GOP activists will be meeting at the Trails golf club at 10411 Teal Parkway in Frisco. Chuck Wright reports that the grill will be closed so bring some snacks to share with the group at 8:00.

Help Ensure Honest Elections

We are recruiting poll watchers for some election day polling sites aim Denton county. This is an important volunteer function to be sure that no election laws are broken during the voting process. To learn what a poll watcher does, go here: http://www.texaspollworkertraining.com/resources/TXPollwatcherGuide.pdf If you would like to be a poll watcher during all or part of Election Day, contact Jean McIver: jean.mciver@dwmservices.com for complete training. Thanks to those who are able to help!


At last Thursday’s monthly meeting of the DCRP, we showed a video that many people wanted to see again. So here is the link to “Voices Without a Vote”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuCaWYvpVZg&feature=share. I think you will be amazed and inspired by this short video which was made by some California high school students. It gives us all something to really think about.

Here in Texas, we don’t get to see any of the Presidential television ads, since both campaigns are confident that we will remain a red state this November. However, here is one that the RNC has put into several states that is a real thought-provoking one. What do you think?


And here’s another great TV ad, this time put out by an individual who really cares about this country and re-claiming our heritage of free enterprise and small government. Thomas Peterffy is a Hungarian by birth, but as a young man, he came to America in 1956 without knowing a word of English and ended up becoming a billionaire. His story is a classic Horatio Alger tale. http://thehayride.com/2012/10/the-freedom-to-succeed-ad-everybody-is-talking-about-today/
Peterffy began his career in the United States as an architectural draftsman working on highway projects for an engineering firm. It was at this firm that he volunteered to program a newly purchased computer, ultimately shaping the course of his future. In 1977, Peterffy abandoned his career designing financial modeling software and bought his own seat on the American Stock Exchange to trade equity options. During his career in finance, he has consistently pushed to replace manual processes with more efficient automated ones. Peterffy would write code in his head during the trading day and then apply his ideas to computerized trading models after hours. Peterffy created a major stir among traders by introducing handheld computers onto the trading floor in the early 1980s. Peterffy’s business related to his AMEX seat eventually developed into Interactive Brokers. The classic American dream story came true once again.

Most of us can’t fund a Presidential campaign television ad. Only a few of us can travel to other states to help secure the U.S. Senate and the White House or even go here in Texas for important tight campaigns. Some of us can make phone calls, some can donate much-needed campaign funds. But regardless of what part we can play, ALL of us can do something. Please remember that old truism: I am only one, but I AM one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. And what I can do, with God’s help, I will do.

What will YOU do to insure a Republican victory in November? Here is a link to the “Something for Everybody” flyer which will steer you to helping in many ways. Please do whatever you can — and then a little bit more! America is worth that extra effort!

For a Republican Victory,