More news from Tampa


Thank goodness Hurricane Isaac turned westward and missed Tampa. Meanwhile, as it assaults MS,AL and LA, our thoughts and prayers are with those states.

Tuesday was quite a day at the convention! First of all, it was Texas flag and cowboy hat day, so our delegation was decked out in the great donated items. You probably saw us on tv – cameras love our look! And lots of delegates from other states give us thumbs up or high fives as we pass them in the hallways.

Each morning, we have a delegation meeting with some pertinent information provided by RPT staff and Chairman and some great speakers such as Sen. John Cornyn and soon-to-be Sen. Ted Cruz, Cong. Gohmert, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, Frank Lutz  and one of the Romney boys. Other speakers have included George P. Bush, Comptroller Susan Combs, Attorney General Greg Abbott, Congressman Bill Flores and Rick Santorum.

We also heard twice from our Rules delegates – Melinda Fredrick and Butch Davis (RPT vice chair and parliamentarian respectively) – who have steadfastly stood up for grassroots rights to select their states’ national delegates.

Also on  Tuesday, more than 50 of us piled into about a dozen vehicles and caravanned into Tampa to attend the Republican National Coalition for Life and Family Research Action’s Treasure Life event. It was an awesome gathering of hundreds of people who came to see Phyllis Schlafly and Tony Perkins honor four pro-life heroes:  Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Rick Santorum, and Members of Congress Michele and Louie Gohmert. Gov. Perry and Cong. Gohmert were pleased to look out into the crowd and see those dozens of Texans!

Other Congressmen in attendance included our own Dr. Michael Burgess  — who also had come to Tampa last week to sit in on the Platform  Committee meetings – and New Jersey’s Chris Smith and Virginia’s Randy Forbes. The Florida Aquarium’s outstanding aquatic exhibits were a real fascination for the guests. And we ended the event by singing Happy Birthday to Phyllis Schlafly who recently celebrated her 88th birthday!

Our delegates then walked a couple of blocks to the Tampa Bay  Times Forum center where the convention began at 2 p.m. It didn’t take long for controversy to arise, as the Rules Committee (compromise) Report was presented. Convention Chairman John Boehner (our GOP House Majority Leader) called for a voice vote which had loud supporters on both the ayes and nays. The Chairman ruled in favor of the ayes and the Committee report was thus adopted, and the minority report was not considered. The ruling has been criticized but depending on where you were in the auditorium, you would have heard it differently. There were several in the Texas delegation chanting “Point of Order” which was not recognized by Chairman Boehner. However, according to DCRP Parliamentarian Richard Hayes, the convention operates not under Roberts’ Rules of Order, but rather under the rules of the House of Representatives which does not use Point of Order. Those delegates should have been calling for Division of the House, according to Richard who is a registered professional parliamentarian. In summation, the Committee Report was adopted and there were statements made that the RNC will consider and probably change the objectionable portion of that Report at its next quarterly meeting.

A couple of hours later, New Jersey’s delegates put the Romney vote total over the magic number of 1144. It was a great evening with lots of good GOP speakers including Ted Ctuz, Ann Romney and Chris Christie plus a number of GOP governors who set the tone for the campaign by reporting how they took their states from deficits to surpluses by using conservative management practices.

It’s a beautiful day today in Tampa and I will report more to you later in the week! Hope you are watching the proceedings on your televisions!

Warm Republican Regards,

DCRP Chairman