A Romney-Biden Administration???

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How in the world could we end up with a strange combination like that? Well, believe it or not, there is that possibility and some media folks in the non-mainstream media have been talking recently about just that. Here’s how it might work:

Right now, for example, Fox News lists 11 states as being in play (PA,OH, MI, WI, NH, FL, NC, VA, CO, NV and IA) and if those states electoral votes are “assigned” to the Party for whom those states voted in 2008, and then they assign the other electoral votes to the candidate which is showing a lead in the polls, these media speculators come up with a tie of 269 votes for each candidate. Using those calculations, here is how those swing states will vote:
For Obama – PA. OH, MI, WI, NH For Romney – FL, NC, VA, CO, NV and IA

Now with that tied electoral vote, the House of Representatives will choose the President, acting as a “mini” electoral college since each state gets one vote which is determined by the Congressional delegation which is now seated in each state. That would work well for Romney as there are more state with a Republican-dominant delegation (33) than those with a Democrat-dominant delegation (16) and one state (MN) which has an evenly split delegation. So far so good – Romney would be named as President.
However, the Constitution provides that in the case of an electoral tie vote, the U.S. Senate picks the Vice President, and since that august (in times past anyway!) body is controlled by the Democrats, it’s likely they’d pick Uncle Joe. Or some other Democrat! Read CNN’s article on it here: http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/26/politics/electoral-college-tie/index.html If indeed, as this article states, the Congress would convene on January 7 to make its selection, perhaps the GOP might control the SenateIF we win at least 4 new seats in this cycle and hold onto the ones we all ready have and then it could be a Romney-Ryan administration after all!
It could be a really interesting and long evening come Nov. 6th. But actually until the electoral college meets in each state to cast its votes on December 17, the true results won’t be known as not every elector is faithful to his/her pledge when selected. There have been “faithless” electors in past elections. Hopefully that will not be the case in this election.


As many of the formerly “safe” states now move into the “toss up” category, our efforts are critically needed in some of those states. We received an urgent request today from the Mighty Texas Strike Force, the group who is directing teams of Texans into swing states across the country. Due to the changing status of these states, more volunteers are needed to deploy with the MTSF into more states. Please seriously consider helping as Rick describes his needs below. Contact him right away if you can help.

We are still needing at least 10 more volunteers for Wisconsin. Today, some volunteers expressed interest in working Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is now in play. We have just established an MTSF team in Pittsburgh to help us win that state.Also, if you know of more volunteers willing to travel to Nevada, this state is a real battleground and needs our help. I encourage everyone to ask everyone they know and invite them to deploy with the Mighty Texas Strike Force next week.

Onward to victory!

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Several of you have let us know how much you like the videos that we provide links to frequently in this update. As there are so many good ones out there right now – patriotic, inspirational, political ads we won’t see in Texas, etc. — we are adding a new spot on our website to post some of those links for those of you who would like to view them. Here is the link to it. Let us know how you like that feature and if you have seem some good videos yourself, please pass them on to me: dianne@gopgal.com.

I am in Missouri this week, campaigning for Todd Akin for U.S. Senate and then boarding a “Repeal and Replace McCaskill” tour bus which will criss- cross the state stopping in about 30 towns and cities to talk to Missourians about the differences in the two candidates and the need to replace McCaskill with Akin. Let’s hope the “Show Me” state will show us how a good grassroots campaign can put another Republican in the US Senate! I will be back in the Lone Star state on November 2, in plenty of time for the election. But just to be safe, I voted early. Have you??

For a great national victory,