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Why Can’t I Access How Can I Solve This?

If you can’t access science address, then it indicates that this science address isn’t your default entree address of your router. Why am I powerless to can’t access ip address? it’s as a result of you may have totally different address inform on your router.

But what do you have to do now? however are you able to solve it?

You can solve this by finding your router’s default entree address. Follow my instruction below.

For Windows user,

visit begin menu
choose Run (windows button + r).
kind “cmd” and press OK.
within the prompt window, kind “ipconfig” and press enter.
it’ll show your default entree.

For UNIX and UNIX user,

visit Applications > System Tools > Terminal.
once the terminal is opened, kind “ip course”.
it’ll show you one thing like this.

For Macintosh OS,

visit Finder > Applications > Utilities >
once the terminal is opened, kind “netstat – nr “.
it’ll show you one thing like this.

By doing this, you’ll get your original default entree address. currently purpose your actual science address on the browser and access it. If you’ve got no plan to access, you’ll scan this guide: the way to access

If this methodology doesn’t work for you even once finding your science address, then attempt resetting your electronic equipment for regarding thirty seconds. and take a look at once more.

I guess, this methodology can assist you intent on solve the matter.

The problem may additionally arise if your

Router is off
computer network or 192.168.l.l WiFi network card is disabled
Network drivers issue
Firewall is obstructing

Check for the problems you’ve got on your device and convey an answer for it.

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