Denton County GOP Pours Out Massive Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort


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Denton County GOP Pours Out Massive Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

When Hurricane Harvey bore down on the Texas coast and left enormous havoc in its wake, it was not nearly as strong as the people across Texas and the country who are responding with an outpouring of support in countless ways.  The darker the crisis, the brighter the American spirit shines.  The Denton County Republican Party is no exception, rallying to pour out support and serve all those affected by this disaster.

All four Denton County state representatives (Representatives Fallon, Simmons, Stucky and Parker) along with Denton County Sheriff Murphree, banded together to collect donations at each of their offices over a period of four days. In that small window of time, residents all across Denton County provided vast amounts for some of the most crucial needs of such items as bottled water, new clothing, blankets and toiletries. The outpouring from the community was absolutely incredible.  Their offices were filled with items as the collection effort quickly expanded within their respective House districts. Approximately 160,000 pounds of supplies were collected.  In addition to the collections efforts, many individuals stepped up in other ways and offered to help with the sorting, boxing, and transporting of all of the donations to the 18-wheelers that Peterbilt generously donated.

Representative Parker stated, “On behalf of my Denton County House colleagues and Sheriff Murphree and the people who made our relief effort such a success, I am so very grateful. I had the privilege of accompanying the drivers from Peterbilt to and from the Beaumont area on Tuesday, September 5th.  Although we had been kept apprised of Hurricane Harvey recovery operations through state emergency management officials, our impacted legislative colleagues, and family and friends plus watching the video feeds on news stations, nothing could have quite prepared me personally for seeing the devastation and the challenges so many of our fellow Texans now face.

During the visit, I had the honor of joining Governor Greg Abbott, my fellow legislators from the Beaumont region, the Jefferson County Judge, the Mayor of Beaumont, the Sheriff and first responders as well as Beaumont ISD to understand firsthand what they need to get Jefferson County and Beaumont back on the road to recovery.

Let us continue to remember and pray for all who have been impacted by this catastrophic storm and never cease in our efforts to provide assistance in any way possible. This recovery will be a very long process, but the people of Southeast Texas have unwavering resolve and will rebuild the region even stronger than it was before. God bless Texas.”

Representative Ron Simmons agreed, stating, “I was proud to join my Denton County colleagues in collecting supplies for relief of our brothers and sisters in Southeast Texas and was amazed by the generosity of Denton County residents.”

Local Texas Republican Executive Committeewoman, Debbie Terry, also worked tirelessly alongside local businesswoman Veronica Birkenstock and many others throughout the North Texas area to gather and coordinate the delivery of supplies to those in need. Responding to urgent pleas from Republican Party of Texas Vice Chair Amy Clark and the #RPTServes initiative, they worked with local officials, GOP affiliates, businesses, and churches in storm-devastated areas to organize deliveries. Truckloads of water and relief supplies were quickly dispatched to places with dire needs like Bolivar, Beaumont, and Cuero, where a distribution center was established in a local church to serve small coastal communities near Rockport. Additionally, Veronica’s friends in South Carolina donated an 18-wheeler to drive across country and serve Texans in crisis, making it possible to send multiple loads of critically-needed supplies to our fellow Texans from Christians and Republicans in North Texas.

Denton County Republican Party Assistant Vice Chair of Outreach, Joseph Kane, a veteran who serves in the National Guard, spent almost two weeks in the afflicted areas with his unit working on relief efforts. He said, “I have been humbled and amazed by these people and their resolve.”

U.S. Congressman Michael Burgess stated, “Each person’s efforts following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma — whether first responders, our military, neighbors, volunteers, or donors – are much needed and helpful. It’s the Texas way!  Since Harvey made landfall, I have worked with personnel on the front lines to ensure they have the resources they need to assist Texans.  From meeting with the men and women at FEMA Headquarters in Denton, to the medical team and volunteers at the Dallas mega-shelter, to discussing housing with HUD Secretary Ben Carson, to hosting a bi-partisan working lunch with Texas Members of the US House and Senate – my goal is to ensure that victims of Harvey and Irma have access to needed supplies and resources.  Like so many people across the country, I also felt compelled to contribute to several charities offering direct relief to hurricane victims. The days of recovery and rebuilding will be long, but I am encouraged by the outpouring of kindness and compassion and the resilience of the American people.”

Texas State Senator Jane Nelson said, “As Senate Finance chair, I am working to ensure that we meet our responsibilities to those who have been devastated by this natural disaster.  The full force of state government has been brought to bear during this crisis. I continue to receive daily updates on the efforts of our state agencies, and I have personally donated to relief efforts.”

“Whenever there is a crisis and things look dark, the American spirit shines bright.” stated Denton County Republican Party Chairman Lisa Hendrickson, “We have such incredible people in this county, in this state, and in this nation.  When one of us is hurt, we all are. It will take a long time to for our South Texas neighbors to heal and rebuild.  We will be there with them in all the days ahead.  We are family. We are Americans.”


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