Denton County Republican Party Mourns the Loss of Longtime Activist Tim Hoy


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Denton County Republican Party Mourns the Loss of Longtime Activist Tim Hoy


The Denton County Republican Party lost one of its most faithful activists with the passing of Timothy Hoy this week.  A tireless worker for many years at the state, local, and national level, Tim’s loss will be felt in Denton County and across Texas. He was truly a legend in political circles.

Tim Hoy was from upstate New York but considered Texas his home. He became active in Denton County politics in the late eighties serving as Precinct Chairman with a near perfect Denton County Republican Party Executive Committee Meeting attendance record. He served as an elections judge for a number of years during the 1990s through the 2010s. He was campaign manager for Commissioner Ron Marchant in his first race for city council and was active in every campaign in the Marchant family in the years that followed. Most recently he traveled to Iowa to campaign for Senator Ted Cruz during the 2016 primary.

Tim was elected to the State Republican Executive Committee in 2002 and served the maximum 4 terms, stepping down in 2010. He worked tirelessly for the State Party traveling his district and received an award for his achievements at the close of his eight years of service.

Mr. Hoy’s volunteer work for the Republican Party and its candidates was legendary. He was there for everything Republican. Every phone bank, every meeting, and countless campaigns, if there was a need, there was Tim to fill it. He was the first to come and the last to leave. He worked well with everyone and had no enemies. One prominent Republican stated, “You never had to ask Tim for anything. He was already working before you could ask.”  No matter whether on opposite sides in a race or issue, all considered Tim a friend, and when primary elections were over, he was always the first to come and shake hands, win or lose, and work hard for the candidate who won. Tim was a man of principle, and a fierce supporter of the candidates he believed in.  He would not shy away from picking his candidate in a Republican Primary, but he would be the first to bring Republicans back together when the nominee was chosen.

Tim was honored by the Denton County Republican Party for his tireless work and service. He was  named Denton County Republican Party Volunteer of the Year in 1998 and Precinct Chair of the Year in 2001.

Mr. Hoy was always kind, gentle and gracious to all.  He had a keen mind for both political strategy, and public policy.  He lived and breathed politics and could converse on any political subject.  Former U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Dick Armey said, “Tim Hoy was the constant guy for me.  Whenever I came back to town, I would count on Tim to bring me up to speed on things here in Denton County.”

Denton County Republican Party Chairman Lisa Hendrickson stated, “Tim put the grass in the grassroots. DCRP mourns his passing and we honor him for his lifetime of achievements.”


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