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Denton GOP to Host Veteran Event Featuring Allen West May 12th


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Denton GOP to Host Veteran Event Featuring Allen West May 12th

The Denton County Republican Party will host a special veteran-focused event in support of the 22KILL organization on Friday, May 12, 2017.  LTC (US Army Ret.) and Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis, Allen West, will attend and lead attendees in a ceremony to honor veterans and to earn their own 22KILL Honor Rings. The event will begin at 5:30p.m. and be held at the Denton County Republican Headquarters located at 2921 Country Club Rd. Suite 102, Denton, TX 76210.

The 22KILL movement started in 2013 under Honor Courage Commitment, Inc., after the VA released the staggering statistic that an average of 22 veterans are killed by suicide every day.  It is a global movement bridging the gap between veterans and civilians to build a community of support.  22KILL, the name referencing the statistic above, works to raise awareness of the suicide epidemic that is plaguing our country and to educate the public on mental health issues such as PTS. It also serves as a resource for veterans, and continues to build on its network of like-minded organizations to be able to connect veterans with programs and services in their local area.

The Honor Ring™ is a black band worn on the index finger as a “silent salute” to all veterans, past and present. This ring is a symbol of respect and simply says that you support those who have served our country.  Also, the ring reminds veterans and veteran supporters alike that we are never alone; that we are all family.

“The Denton County Republican Party is always seeking ways to support our heroes,” stated Denton County Republican Party Vice Chairman of Veterans Mark Roy, “We are honored to welcome LTC (US Army Ret.) Allen West to Denton County for this special event we are hosting.  Come out and bring your family, earn your Honor Ring, and join us for a barbecue after the program. To register visit www.dentongop.org.”

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