Robson Ranch Republican Club: “Robson Ranch 200” Stump Speech Contest


Join us for the first ever "Robson Ranch 200" Stump Speech Contest which will feature Republican candidates running for office from Denton County and the surrounding area who will be on the ballot for the March Primary. Each candidate will give his/her best "stump speech", limited to 3 minutes, 20 seconds (200 seconds) and the members of the Republican Club will "grade" or judge each speech. The winner will take home a trophy at the end of the event! Come and watch the fun; you need not be a member to join us, but only members may vote. There is no admission charge. More information may be obtained on our Facebook page, Robson Ranch Republican Club - Texas.

Robson Ranch Clubhouse main auditorium, Robson Ranch (Exit 79 off I-35W)