Candidate Campaign School, Municipal Elections, and More

Dear Conservative Family,

Please know that our Municipal/City Council & School Board elections affect us personally and directly, yet they have the lowest turnout of any election. Filing for these positions is going on now and filing deadline is Feb. 12. Please begin researching the candidates in your area now and mark the date for the May 1st elections. You could even recruit conservative candidates to file to protect our values and freedoms!

We are hosting a Candidate Campaign School on Feb 20th – information below!

Denton County’s vaccination clinics have been recognized as among the best in the state, as we efficiently process people in cars with appointments who drive through, in and out in about 30 minutes. The volunteers of the Medical Reserve Corps have been awesome in performing the check in process while the Health Dept. staff administers the vaccine.

However, the state is now giving us even larger doses of the vaccines and MORE VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to help process the registrants.  YOUR HELP is needed to keep our clinics running smoothly as we continue to vaccinate health care workers, those 65 and older or people with underlying medical conditions.  A two-hour on-line training is provided, and medical background is not needed to volunteer. If you can help with this emergency situation, please contact
or call 972-434-7400.

As Republicans, we are still working to protect the values and freedoms that we all cherish so deeply. Please stay involved, stay alert, and keep the faith!!

Lastly, in our last newsletter, I quoted an author and some felt insinuated that all Republicans are Christian. Obviously, that’s not true. It is true we are the party that hasn’t scrubbed God’s name from our platform. It is true we are proud of our Judeo-Christian heritage as a nation. And we are true believers in the First Amendment…and we still sing God Bless America!

Jayne Howell
DCRP Chairwoman