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Days until the Nov 3rd Election!!!

Election Day – November 3, 2020 – look above how close it’s getting!!!

This year, the Presidential, Senatorial, Congressional, State Senate, State Representative, City Council & School Board elections will all happen on Election Day.  Without a doubt, this is the most important election of our lives and the results will impact us for the remainder of our lives.  We need to take the following steps now!

Question:  Are you registered to vote?  Are your neighbors registered to vote?

Answer: If you are not sure you can go to this LINK to check your status.  If you need to register you can request an application at this LINK


Question:  How can I register to vote?

Answer:  Go to this LINK to request an application.


Question:  When is the last day to register to vote?

Answer:  October 5, 2020


Question:  How can I vote by mail?  (This is highly recommended)

Answer: Go to this LINK for full details and order an application.


Question:  When is the last day to request a Mail-in Ballot?

Answer:  October 23, 2020


Question:  When does early voting begin and end?

Answer: Begins – October 13, 2020 and Ends – October 30, 2020


Question: When is the last day for voter registrations to be received in Denton Elections?
Answer: October 5


Question: When is the last day to request a mail in ballot?
Answer: October 23


Question: When is the last day for a mail ballot to be received at Denton Elections?
Answer: November 3


Question:  Can I vote a “Straight Ticket” this year like I have done in the past?
Answer:  NO!  You must now vote each individual item – another good reason to vote by mail.  There are many very important races on the ballot this year – please take the time to vote REPUBLICAN “all the way down the ballot”.


Question:  I have more questions, where can I find the answers?
Answer: A great resource is the Denton County Elections website –

Don’t Forget to Complete Your Census Form

The 2020 Census count is underway. Population counts from the Census determine the number of Congressional seats Texas will have starting in 2022 and are a key in determining how Federal funds are allocated to the states.

By now you should have received your Census letter in the mail. Please remember to complete your online Census form. It takes around ten minutes to complete and helps ensure all Texans are counted accurately.

Click here to complete your census online!!!

Under President Trump’s leadership, he:

  • Passed historic tax cuts, providing relief for hard-working Americans, and leading to more take-home pay for working families.
  • Provided unprecedented resources to fight the opioid epidemic and save lives
  • Passed landmark VA reform to break the bureaucracy of the VA and give our veterans the care they deserve
  • Passed Anti-human trafficking legislation that has significantly decreased online advertising for sex trafficking and cracked down on bad actors.
  • Created policies to build the wall and protect our border, support ICE and target dangerous gangs like MS-13
  • Provided historic funding to rebuild our military after Obama gutted it and gave our troops their largest pay raise in a decade.
  • Appointed two conservative Supreme Court Justices named to the bench


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Voting in Denton County

Voting in Denton County

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