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You might be surprised just how valuable your skills can be, both personal & professional. For instance, someone skilled in carpentry could help us with organizational items and cabinets at headquarters, and someone who enjoys photography could help us gather memories from events. If you are good with teenagers then you could help guide our future leaders and teach them civic responsibilities. If you have office, phone or organizational skills you could help at headquarters. So tell us what you enjoy so we can match you to the appropriate project.

Below are the areas available for volunteering.  Please check any that you are interested in helping with.

Volunteers are indeed the lifeblood of the Party, and the effort of our volunteers ultimately determines our level of success in November. Please look over the list, which accompanies this form, and mark which areas you would like to help with. A brief description of each category is given along with an estimate of how much time you should expect to spend and when the help is needed.  Thank you in advance for your help!


Work on a rotating schedule or "on call" basis to assist Headquarters with Party task (e.g. administrative/clerical). A professional and friendly attitude is necessary, computer skills are helpful.

This includes event sales and soliciting silent auction donations for our annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner [Dec-Feb] and Volunteer Recognition Dinner [Sept-Nov]. Also includes selling space for our newsletter, soliciting for financial donations for our Sustaining Supporter program and Lincoln Cabinet memberships. Flexible hours ongoing throughout the year.

Help organize, plan and staff outreach booths at various fairs, festivals and events throughout Denton County. Flexible hours ongoing throughout the year.

Provide transportation and appropriate event planning for state and federal VIP’s, and volunteer as a greeter at CEC Meetings. Ongoing throughout year with fairly heavy activity in weeks preceding Nov. election. VIP’s schedule will dictate hours required.

Identify Republican voters in key precincts; commit to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts for Nov. election; implement other Victory plans. Crucial time periods will be summer through Election Day; flexible hours; strong commitment to the GOP, its principles and candidates

Work phone banks for Nov. election to identify GOP voters and encourage them to actually vote. Sept-Nov election-as often as volunteers schedule permits.

Become deputized to register likely Republican voters in key precincts, churches and other locations. Jun-Oct. as often as volunteer's schedule permits. May entail both door-to-door or "booth" registration. You can become a Deputy Registrar at the Denton County Elections Administration Office located at 701 Kimberly Dr., Denton, TX. This normally takes 10 minutes.

Work as an Election Judge or Election Clerk with small monetary compensation. Each November in the General Election and March of even numbered years in the Republican Primary. Brief training prior to Election Day. Very long hours on Election Day.

Work with Party officials to insure against election fraud at appropriate polling sites on Election Day. Brief training prior to Election Day. Very long hours on Election Day

Help to form, grow, and/or mentor Republican groups such as Teenage Republicans, area clubs, etc. Flexible hours ongoing throughout the year.

Become the Chair in your Precinct (neighborhood). Extremely flexible hours ongoing throughout the year.  See listing on dentongop.org of precinct chairs to find out if your precinct is vacant

Help Precinct Chair in your neighborhood. Hours depending on your Precinct Chairman’s schedule.

Identify and clip articles in various media, which pertain to the Party's Nov. ballot candidates or GOP Platform; write/coordinate letters to the editor in response and have Party official respond where appropriate. Ongoing throughout the year but probably heaviest in fall prior to Nov. election; work primarily from home; flexible hours and infrequent meetings.

Coordinate presentations promoting the Republican message to schools, civic groups, etc.; identify, organize and train Republican volunteers to do these presentations. Training provided.  Ongoing throughout the year, perhaps having heavy concentration just prior to Nov. election. Initial time involvement fairly heavy to plan contacts and train speakers. Speakers assigned according to availability. 

Identify long-term party goals/objectives and means to achieve them. Ongoing throughout the year with multiple meetings to compile data and make recommendations to Executive Committee; flexible meeting times depending on committee members' schedules.

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