RESCHEDULED: School Board Campaign Training – The Leadership Institute

When it comes to politics, whatever’s happening in DC garners the vast majority of national attention. Many become distracted and forget there’s countless opportunities for conservatives to make a difference on the local level. That’s the beauty of the American political system!

Recent local elections, from Virginia to Florida, have made one thing clear: education and other localized issues are winning issues for conservatives. Not only are they winning issues, they also present a unique opportunity to everyday Americans hoping to run for office or become involved in political campaigns.

That’s where Leadership Institute comes in. Founded to equip conservatives with the tools to win, LI will be traveling through Texas in late January to support those organizing for change in their local communities – with three total stops! 

LI’s School Board and Municipal Campaign Training features presentations from seasoned conservatives experienced in local campaigns, who share their knowledge with conservatives seeking to make a difference in their local communities.

Attendees will learn how to design, wage, and raise funds for a successful local campaign. In addition, you’ll receive briefings and background information you’ll need to be well informed and articulate your own experiences and issue positions to voters in your community.


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