Meet Evelyn Brooks


Evelyn Brooks has an extensive background in educating and developing future leaders in
today’s youth using a biblical worldview that challenges young people to think independently,
self-governance, and a love for people. She has taught, tutored, volunteered, served on youth
committees, advised, and worked with youth from diverse backgrounds for over 23 years. She
currently serves on the International Rock of Faith Board, Children’s Chorus of Collin County
Board, Waterford Falls HOA Board, Beauman’s 2 nd Chance 4 Change Board, Life Talk Advisory
Board, and as a Facilitator for Foundation For CHOICE.

Her teaching career began in 1997, in Maryland, Prince George’s County, as an Elementary
Teacher. After moving to Denver, Colorado, she taught for Denver Public Schools for five years.
Her last classroom teaching position was in Fairfax, Virginia. To ensure the success of children,
Evelyn encourages students to work cooperatively to problem-solve, think analytically, debate,
and reach conclusions, while standing beside them as a teacher and facilitator of knowledge,
carefully orchestrating the process as they discover their own interests, talents and inspirations.
After giving birth to her two daughters, Ashlynn and Brianna, Evelyn decided to stay at home
with her family.

About Evelyn

Evelyn enjoys being married to her husband, Brian Brooks, of 19 years. Together, they serve in
the Youth Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. For the past eight years,
they serve a community located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and created the nonprofit
organization, International Rock of Faith, Inc.

Top Priorities 

Evelyn’s goal for the Texas State Board of Education District 14, is to help protect the innocence
of our children, by carefully selecting and voting in favor of instructional materials that promote
and maintain the morals and standards of Texas families. Furthermore, she plans be available
to her constituents in District 14, so that the unheard can be heard. Evelyn looks forward to
working cooperatively with the State Board of Education members to ensure these outcomes
are fulfilled.