State Senator Drew Springer’s Capitol Update

Hello Friends,

This week the Texas Senate was back on the Senate floor for special session working on property tax relief and border security legislation. This time, my wife Lydia joined me on the senate floor on Tuesday! I always look forward to when she can join me in Austin and see the work we continue to do in the Texas Senate.

Special Session Update

This week, I have been receiving a lot of calls and questions about property tax relief. Specifically, constituents have been asking about the difference between the House’s “compression only” plan and the Senate’s “Texas Two-Step” plan which includes both compression and homestead exemptions. I have studied both plans and, while I do believe both equate to meaningful property tax relief, I ultimately believe the Senate’s plan is the best path forward because it gives Texas homeowners larger tax cut. The Senate plan:
  • Gives Texans a $100,000 homestead exemption in addition to lowering, “compressing” School Maintenance and Operating (M&O) property tax rates by 21.8%
  • Dedicates about 70% of the $17.6 billion to compression for all properties, with the remaining 30% going to a $100,000 homestead exemption.
  • Provides for $17.6 Billion in tax relief and would provide a total savings of $1250/yr for homeowners under 65, and $1450/yr for homeowners over 65. This results in roughly $500 to $700 more per year in property tax savings to Texas homeowners than the “compression only” House Plan.
This week the Senate passed three border security bills, SB 2, SB 8, and HB 2. These three pieces of legislation are crucial given that Texas had over 2 million illegal immigrant apprehensions in 2022. Since President Biden won’t secure the southern border, Texas is taking the lead.
  • SB 2 creates a new state crime for illegally entering the State of Texas from a foreign nation and authorizes state law enforcement to arrest and prosecute these state crimes.
  • SB 8  Increases law enforcement presence at the Southern Border and allows the Governor the ability to develop and execute agreements with Mexico regarding the authority to protect and defend Texans. The bill also provides the authority to finance infrastructure, facilities, and equipment to secure the border.
  • HB 2 increases the criminal penalties for committing crimes of human smuggling or operating a stash house.

Governor Abbott Signs SB 22 Into Law

I am excited to announce that on Tuesday, Governor Abbott signed my bill, Senate Bill 22 into law! This law will establish a grant program to provide financial assistance to qualified sheriff’s, constable’s, and prosecutor’s offices in rural 236 Texas counties. For too long rural law enforcement and prosecutor offices have struggled to recruit and retain staff simply because rural counties don’t have the tax base to hire and offer competitive wages. This has resulted in counties that are left with a Sheriff and only a few deputies, if any, covering thousands of square miles, which heavily impacts response time during emergencies and creates a public safety threat.

Additionally, because President Biden has refused to do his job and secure the border, law enforcement officers and prosecutors across the state are coming face to face with illegal immigration and smuggling. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we have consistent quality law enforcement across the Great State of Texas and I am thrilled that SB 22 will do just that!

This Week’s Capitol Visitors

Students from Frisco, Little Elm, & Wichita Falls visiting the Capitol with Education in Action.
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As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and my office if there is ever anything that I can help you with.

God Bless,

Senator Drew Springer