Voting in Denton County

Are you looking for information on how to vote in Denton County? Look no further! We have your definitive guide to registering to vote in Denton County, where you will vote in Denton County, and what you will need to vote in Denton County.

First question:  Am I registered to vote?


This is an excellent question for those new to Texas or Denton County. Our state, and our county in particular, have been subject to an enormous amount of growth in the past few years. Much of that growth can be directly attributed to the conservative leadership and stewardship of the Republican Party who has won every statewide office for more than 20 years!




Congratulations! We are so happy you have come to our great state! After you have moved into your new home, you’ll need to head to your local Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain your Texas Driver’s License. You’ll see why that is important shortly. While there you can pick up a Voter Registration form and fill it out with the rest of the paper work.

You can also visit the Denton County Elections Administrator office or our Headquarters and become registered.

Elections Office: 701 Kimberly Drive – Denton TX  76208      Phone: 940/349-3200

DCRP HQ: 2921 Country Club Rd. #102   Denton, TX 76210

Another easy method is to fill out the online application available on the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

Please note: “You are not registered until you have filled out the online application, printed it, and mailed it to your local County Voter Registrar” – SOS Website

If you need assistance in obtaining an application, please see the Secretary’s website for more options.





Welcome to one of the reddest counties in Texas! We are glad to have you. You will need to follow the methods listed above by either visiting the Denton County Elections Administrator office, or filling out the online application. You will receive your updated voter card within 30 days.

Please note: “If you are late to register in your new county, you may be able to vote a “limited” ballot on candidates or issues common between your old and new counties.” See for other restrictions.




Not at all! You can flip over your existing card, and write your new address on the back and mail it to the Denton County Elections Administrator (address above). You can also see the top section of this page on for other options.



That is very easy. Follow this link to the Secretary of State’s website and provide the necessary information or check the Denton County Government website.  Check Your Voter Registration 


Second Question: What do I need to vote?


In order to maintain election integrity, the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring a form of ID in order to vote in Texas elections. Many forms of ID are accepted when going to vote and are listed below. You may obtain a free Texas Election Identification Certificate if you are unable to afford another form of ID.

  • Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS– FREE
  • Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
  • Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
  • United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
  • United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • United States passport

If you are unsure about if your ID is a valid form, see the website for more details and instructions.

Third Question: Where do I vote?



You can vote anywhere within the county during the Early Voting period! There will be a location that is convenient to your home or work, and will often have a very short waiting time. Be sure to check our website or  for early and election day voting locations, dates, and times.



On Election Day, you must vote in your voter precinct’s assigned polling location, which probably will be reasonably near your home. For the location of these polling sites, please check back for Election Day locations, dates, and times.

Fourth Question: How do I read my Denton County Voter registration card?


Take a look at our sample voter registration card. Yours will be filled out of course, but we’ll go through the categories.

 sample voter card

VUID  This is your unique 10 digit voter ID number.


PREC. NO.  Denton County is, like every other county in Texas, organized by voter precincts. This is your precinct number. You have a Republican Party Precinct Chair, who can be found on our website. If there is not a precinct chair in your precinct and you would like to find out how to become one, please go fill out our Precinct Chair Application  form and we will be in touch with you.


VALID FROM – THRU  This is the timeframe in which  you are registered to vote.


CONGRESS This is your Representative to the United States Congress. Denton County has two US Congressmen: Dr. Michael Burgess and Kenny Marchant. Find out who represents you in Congress. (The entire state of Texas is represented by the same two US Senators,  John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. )


STATE SENATE This is your representative to the Texas Senate. Denton County has two State Senators, Sen. Jane Nelson and Sen. Craig Estes. Find out who represents you in the Texas Senate.


STATE REP. This is your representative to the Texas House of Representatives. Denton County has four Representatives to the Texas House. Find out who represents you in the Texas House of Representatives.


COM This is your commissioner to the Denton County Commissioner’s Court. All Texas counties have four County Commissioners and in Denton County they are: Hugh Coleman, Bobbie Mitchell, Andy Eads and Ron Marchant, plus County Judge Mary Horn who represents the entire county. Find out who represents you on the Commissioner’s Court.



This is your local Justice of the Peace. There are six Justices of the Peace and Constables in Denton County. Find out who is your local Justice of the Peace. Your local Constable also has this same district designation.


CITY/CITY DIST. This is your city and city council district. Check your city’s website for more information about your district.


ISD/ISD DIST. This is the information for your Independent School District in which you live. You might live in a different district than your city name. Please check your district’s website for more information.


SBOE This is your State Board of Education district. Find out who represents you on the SBOE.


Early Voting Dates & Times:
Monday – Friday, October 22 – 26  8 am – 5 pm
Saturday, October 27  7 am – 7 pm
Sunday, October 28  11 am – 4 pm
Monday – Friday, October 29 – November 2  7 am – 7 pm
Election Day: Tuesday, November 6  7 am – 7 pm
Precinct Poll Location Address City Zip
4017 Argyle Town Hall 511 S. Gibbons Argyle 76226
4044 Denton Fire Station #7 4201 Vintage Blvd Argyle 76226
1008 Green Valley Baptist Church 9901 FM 428 Aubrey 76227
1004, 1026 – 1027, 1041 Braswell High School 26750 E University Dr Aubrey 76227
1005, 1037, 1045 Aubrey City Hall 107 S Main St Aubrey 76227
4016, 4018, 4021, 4043, 4046 Lantana Community Fellowship Church 2200 Jeter Rd E Bartonville 76226
2004 Redeemer Evangelical Covenant Church 1518 Frankford Rd E Carrollton 75007
2005 Kent Elementary School 1800 W Rosemeade Pkwy Carrollton 75007
2033 Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church 1641 W Hebron Pkwy Carrollton 75010
2003, 2011 Woodlake Baptist Church 2015 E Peters Colony Rd Carrollton 75007
2006, 2007 Advantage Sports Complex 2800 N Stemmons Fwy Carrollton 75010
2008 – 2009 Rosemeade Recreation Center 1330 E Rosemeade Pkwy Carrollton 75007
2010 Davis Elementary School 3205 Dorchester Dr Carrollton 75007
2013 – 2016 Carrollton Public Library 4220 N Josey Ln Carrollton 75010
1020 Lake Sharon Community Church 2650 Oakmont Dr Corinth 76210
1022 – 1023 Corinth City Hall 3300 Corinth Pkwy Corinth 76208
1006 – 1007 Steven E Copeland Government Center 1400 FM 424 Cross Roads 76227
2001 Timberglen Recreation Center 3810 Timberglen Rd. Dallas 75287
2000, 2002 Long Middle School 2525 Frankford Rd Dallas 75287
1009 Optimist Club 3100 N Elm St Denton 76207
1011 Towne North Baptist Church 526 Hercules Ln Denton 76209
101, 1012 – 1013 Singing Oaks Church of Christ 101 Cardinal Dr Denton 76209
4003 Robson Ranch Clubhouse 9428 Ed Robson Cir Denton 76209
4005 North Lakes Recreation Center 2001 W Windsor Dr Denton 76209
4011 MLK Jr. Recreation Center 1300 Wilson St Denton 76205
4015, 4037 Denia Recreation Center 1001 Parvin St Denton 76205
1010, 1012 Singing Oaks Church of Christ 101 Cardinal Dr Denton 76209
1014 – 1015, 1018 South Branch Public Library 3228 Teasley Ln Denton 76208
1016 – 1017 Lifeline Church 2800 Pennsylvania Dr Denton 76205
1019, 1046 Faith United Methodist Church 6060 Teasley Ln Denton 76210
4004, 4045 Denton Wesley Foundation 1501 Maple St Denton 76205
4006, 4040 North Branch Library 3020 N Locust St Denton 76209
4007 – 4008 St. David’s Episcopal of Denton 623 Ector St Denton 76209
4009 – 4010 Denton Civic Center 321 E McKinney Denton 76201
4012, 4041 Pecan Creek Elementary 4400 Lakeview Blvd Denton 76208
4013 – 4014, 4039 Carriage House Assisted Living 1357 Bernard St Denton 76201
1021 Victory Life Church 1501 FM 2181 Denton 76210
4019 – 4020, 4022 Double Oak Town Hall 320 Waketon Rd Double Oak 75077
3028 Flower Mound Municipal Court 4150 Kirkpatrick Ln Flower Mound 75028
3029 Flower Mound First Baptist 1901 Timber Creek Rd Flower Mound 75028
3031 Marcus High School 5707 Morriss Rd Flower Mound 75028
4024 Flower Mound Senior Center 2701 W. Windsor Dr Flower Mound 75028
3024 – 3025 Flower Mound Community Activity Center 1200 Gerault Rd Flower Mound 75028
3026 -3027 Grace Community Assembly of God 2525 Forest Vista Flower Mound 75028
3030, 3033 Lamar Middle School 4000 Timber Creek Rd Flower Mound 75028
4023, 4027 Downing Middle School 5555 Bridlewood Blvd Flower Mound 75028
4025 – 4026 Flower Mound Public Library 3030 Broadmoor Ln Flower Mound 75022
4028 – 4029 Denton County Southwest Courthouse 6200 Canyon Falls Dr Flower Mound 76226
1030 Fisher Elementary School 2500 Old Orchard Dr Frisco 75033
1032 Frisco Fire Station #7 330 Stonebrook Pkwy Frisco 75034
1033 Rick Reedy High School 3003 Stonebrook Pkwy Frisco 75034
1035 Tom Hicks Elementary School 3651 Compass Dr Frisco 75034
1028 – 1029,  1049 – 1050 Lone Star High School 2606 Panther Creek Pkwy Frisco 75033
1031, 1052 Frisco Fire Station #4 4484 Cotton Gin Rd Frisco 75034
1034, 1036 Frisco Government Center 119 Maxwell Rd Frisco 75034
1040, 1051 Frisco Fire Station #6 3535 Eldorado Pkwy Frisco 75034
2029, 2035 New Life Community Church 25631 Smotherman Rd Frisco 75033
2031 – 2032 Robertson Elementary School 2501 Woodlake Pkwy Frisco 75068
3001 Hickory Creek Town Hall 1075 Ronald Reagan Ave Hickory Creek 75065
3003 Heritage Elementary School 100 Barnett Blvd Highland Village 75077
3002, 3004 Briarhill Middle School 2100 Briarhill Blvd Lewisville 75077
3005 – 3006 Highland Village Municipal Complex 1000 Highland Village Rd Highland Village 75077
4034, 4048 Pike Middle School 2200 Texan Dr Justin 76247
4036, 4049 Justin Municipal Complex 415 N College Ave Justin 76247
4000 – 4001, 4038, 4042 Krum ISD Administration Building 1200 Bobcat Blvd Krum 76249
3000 Lake Dallas City Hall 212 Main St Lake Dallas 75065
1048 Lakewood Village Town Hall 100 Highridge Dr Lakewood Village 75068
3007 Killough High School 1301 N Summit Ave Lewisville 75067
3010 Hedrick Middle School 1526 Bellaire Blvd Lewisville 75067
3011 Lakeland Elementary School 800 Fox Ave Lewisville 75067
3017 Round Grove United Church 249 E Round Grove Rd Lewisville 75067
3008 – 3009 Lewisville Municipal Annex 1197 W Main St Lewisville 75067
3012 – 3013 Harmon High School 1250 W Round Grove Rd Lewisville 75067
3014 – 3016 Westside Baptist Church 900 Bellaire Blvd Lewisville 75067
3018, 3032 Shepherd’s House 225 Milton St Lewisville 75067
3019, 3022 – 3023 Victorious Life Assembly-God 2671 MacArthur Blvd Lewisville 75067
3020 – 3021 Lewisville City Hall 151 W Church St Lewisville 75067
2028 Little Elm Recreation Center 303 Main St Little Elm 75068
2030 Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School 2600 Hart Rd Little Elm 75068
4035 Northlake Public Works Building 1400 FM 407 Northlake 76247
1025, 1047 Oak Point Community Room 100-B Naylor Rd Oak Point 75068
1003 Pilot Point Senior Center 310 S Washington St Pilot Point 76258
2012, 2018, 2020 Prestonwood Baptist Church 6801 W Park Blvd Plano 75093
4002 Ponder Town Hall 102 Bailey St Ponder 76259
1042 – 1044 Prosper Fire Station #2 1140 S. Teel Pkwy Prosper 75078
4030 – 4032 Medlin Middle School 601 Parkview Dr Roanoke 76262
4033, 4047 Roanoke Public Library 308 S Walnut St Roanoke 76262
1000 Bolivar Baptist Church 6690 FM 455 W Sanger 76266
1001 – 1002 Church of Christ of Sanger 400 Locust St Sanger 76266
1024, 1038 – 1039 Shady Shores Town Hall 101 S Shady Shores Rd Shady Shores 76208
2027 Prestwick STEM Academy 3101 Stonefield The Colony 75056
2017, 2034 Castle Hills Community Center 2501 Queen Margaret Dr The Colony 75056
2019, 2021 The Colony High School 4301 Blair Oaks Dr The Colony 75056
2022, 2025 – 2026 The Colony Annex Building 6804 Main St The Colony 75056
2023 – 2024 St. Sophia’s Catholic Church 5600 N Colony Blvd The Colony 75056