51 for ’21 – Call to Action

Dear Conservative Family,

Hope you had a peace filled Easter weekend!! So grateful we still can worship God in public! We are quickly losing so many freedoms. Please take a stand NOW and get involved in your local Municipal (city council & school board) elections!!

The policies and issues that face us in our day-to-day communities are so very often directly related to the decisions the Municipal Elected Officials make.

Join us in our 51 for ‘21 – Contribute $51, make 51 calls, knock 51 doors!! See details below! Many cities are being targeted by the Progressives! Please take a stand and work to protect our families, faiths, and freedoms!

Early voting begins April 19th – 27th. Go to VoteDenton.com for sample ballot, polling locations, etc.


DONATE NOW – 51 for ’21

Volunteer NOW – 51 for ’21