Denton County Lowers Property Tax Rates

The proposed tax rate is being reduced by nearly three pennies from the Fiscal Year 2023 adopted rate, making the FY 2024 proposed tax rate of $0.189485, the lowest rate since 1986.

Due to high demand for Denton County residences, all residential properties have increased in value. For 2023, the average Denton County home value is $448,754, and using the proposed tax rate of $0.189485, Denton County’s proposed rate accounts for only 9 percent of the overall annual property taxes owed by a resident living in the City of Denton. Denton ISD school district tax rates account for 64 percent of the total property taxes while the City of Denton tax rate accounts for 27 percent of the annual amount paid by City of Denton property owners.

Those living in other municipalities also will have a school district tax and also may have a city property tax as well. Denton County property tax still will be the lowest of those property taxes at about 10% of the total property taxes. So, even though the average taxable home value is increasing, the average Denton County homeowner will see a decrease of $22.35, due to the significant decrease in the county tax rate. Additionally, if Proposition 4 passes on the November 7th Constitutional Amendment ballot, property taxes will be lowered even more.

The proposed county tax rate of $0.189485 is a “no-new-revenue” rate, which is the rate that provides Denton County approximately the same amount of revenue as the previous year from properties taxed in both years. The proposed tax rate falls well below all but one of the top 15 most populated Texas counties in terms of the county tax rate. Denton County, with an estimated population of just over 1 million, ranks the second lowest in the county tax rate category and is the lowest in the county-wide rate. County-wide rates include additional taxes for such districts as hospitals, community college, and flood control and port authority – none of which exist in Denton County.

There will be a public hearing next Tuesday, September 12th at 10 a.m. in the Administrative Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Drive, Denton, TX. Following the public hearing (where the public may provide input), the Commissioners will consider adopting the proposed budget and tax rate.

“We are proud that our lower tax rate coupled with the initiatives taken by the Texas Legislature in this last session together will help lower expenses for our Denton County taxpayers,” Precinct 4 Commissioner Dianne Edmondson said.