Meet Alan Wheeler

About Me

I am 41 years old and have lived in Denton County since 2009. I received my undergraduate degree from
Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas and my Law Degree from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock. I
moved to Denton County the day after I graduated from Law School. I am married to Erica Wheeler (also
an attorney). We have two wonderful kids, Weston (7) and Tierney (6). They both attend the STEM
Academy at Bridlewood Elementary. I am a former ADA at the Denton County District Attorney’s Office
and have been in private practice since 2012.

Top Priorities

As an attorney in Denton County for the past 13 years with over 150 jury trials, I know what it is like to
stand in a courtroom. I want to make my Court as accessible as possible. The Justice of the Peace Court
is the people’s court. For this reason, it is my duty to make sure that every citizen that comes before me
feels comfortable. The court is often a very uncomfortable place to be for any person. However, in the Justice
of the Peace Court, citizens are often representing themselves. With my experience and knowledge of
the law, I will help citizens, as much as possible, understand the laws and procedures necessary to
represent themselves in my Court.

Expedite the Court Docket

In a Court like the Justice of the Peace Court, it is imperative that the docket of cases be run as
efficiently as possible. The three things that are handled in JP Court most often are Evictions, Civil
Disputes up to $20,000 and Class C criminal cases. All of these need to move quickly through the Court.
With my knowledge of how a Court is run, I am well suited to accomplish this goal.