Meet Ben Bumgarner

About Me

Mindy, Cecelia, and I have lived in Flower Mound since 2013. I am a small business owner. I did not get involved with politics until around 2017, and I ran for Local office in 2019. In my 3 year term, I fought to make the town of Flower Mound a more transparent government, I fought to lower our tax rate- which was the lowest in the history of the town, my final budget cycle in 2021. These are the things that got me fired up to get involved. I feel like my story is the true grassroots story for our party. As our State Representative for HD 63 I will be fighting for Tax reform. I want to help find a manageable solution for border security. I want to limit the actions of the government so that we can live our best lives.  These are just some of the things that I want to accomplish for us.
Tax Reform
The state inherited a 27 billion dollar windfall this last year and there will be fights on what to do with that money. I want to see most of it go back to “We the People”. 15 billion dollars of it should go to pay down property tax rates and give us meaningful relief to our homeowners. The governor has outlined that he wants the other half to go to pay for education unfunded mandates and maternal healthcare to support families in need. I support these measures.
Border Security
The border has made huge headlines in the news this year and with NYC declaring a crisis maybe we will get some attention from the federal government. I would like to see DPS expanded to be able to run wider missions to apprehend and secure cartels from trafficking into our country. The cartels have made well over 15 billion dollars on human and drug trafficking. It is time we said enough is enough and end modern day slavery on our southern border.
Limited government
The government has gotten too big. too evasive. I will write legislation that follows the constitution of the United States, big tech censorship and parents being shut out of school board meetings are just a couple issues that come to mind that we can get to work on right away and so