Meet Kronda Thimesch

Top Priorities

My husband Jeff and I have been residents of House District 65 for 30 years and have raised our four kids here.  Jeff grew up in Carrollton and we met while attending Texas Tech University where we both majored in Landscape Architecture.  After graduation, we moved to Denton County and started a small family business from our garage.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to serve on various leadership positions in our community including school board trustee for five years.  I am thrilled to be your Republican nominee for State Representative for HD 65 and am grateful for the support of our Denton County Republicans.  As a former precinct chair, Denton GOP Executive Chair, and past President of the Texas Red Republican Women, I know how hard our volunteers work to keep Denton County Red!

Property Tax Reform

As an advocate in the community who has worked directly with homeowners and community groups, I know the importance of reforming the property tax system and continuing the fight to cut property taxes.  As a school board trustee, I voted to lower the property tax rate every year I served on the school board.  Our property tax system needs to be reformed and we must make the appraisal process fair and transparent.  Local appraisal boards should not abuse their power and we need to ensure homeowners do not continue to be taxed out of their homes.

Securing our Border

Radical open border policies have created a humanitarian crisis at our southern border.  I will fight to secure our border and stop the flow of drug cartels and human traffickers in our communities.  There has been enough fentanyl seized to kill every man, woman, and child in the United States and we must put an end to that.  If the federal government will not do its job, Texas must continue to invest in border security to keep our border and the residents of our great state safe.  I will support increased funding that will put more law enforcement officers at our border and ensure we can build a stronger border wall to secure our state.

Keeping our Neighborhoods Safe

I am an ardent supporter of our first responders and have had the honor of being endorsed city, county, and statewide law enforcement officials and organizations including; Every Denton County Constable, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, Texas Municipal Police Association, Dallas Police Association, Texas State Association of Firefighters, Fort Worth Professional Firefighters Association, and Lewisville Firefighters Association.  I am opposed to any efforts that would defund our police and I believe our citizens are best served when law enforcement and communities have high engagement and strong positive relationships.

Connect with our Campaign

Early voting is a week away, and we would welcome more volunteers to help us kick-off early voting with a strong presence in southern Denton County!  Please contact us for more information: or