Meet Richard Hayes

My name is Richard Hayes. I am working to earn your support for the Texas House of Representatives in Denton County House District 57.

The three leading reasons to vote for me are I will be more effective for the people of House District 57 because of my professional background, parliamentary experience, and knowledge of politics and the community.

First, I am a 40+ year lawyer. I read laws and rules on a regular basis. I have drafted legislation. In the courts, I have tested the interpretation of legislation and understand the Texas Code Construction Act. Sometimes Bills have unintended consequences. I will read Bills before voting and work to clarify and improve their wording.

Second, I am a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. Parliamentary law dictates how groups and assemblies are formed, their procedures, and how they conduct business. There are only about 300 PRPs in the United States. I specialize in political parliamentary procedure as many of the rules governing political parties, candidates, and elections are found in Election Codes, thus requiring a lawyer to better understand the legislation. Having served across the country, I am here to tell you there are rules and procedures that purposely obstruct good legislation from passing and legislation passed from being implemented as intended. I know the effect of proposed rules and how they will affect legislation.

Third, I am a 35+ yearlong political and community leader. Nationally, I serve on the Board of Governors of the Council for National Policy, am a Life Member of the Republican National Committee, and a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association. At the state level, I have been a delegate to every Texas Republican State Convention since 1988 having served on virtually every committee, and currently serve as the Republican Party of Texas Parliamentarian. Locally I have served as a precinct chairman, parliamentarian, County General Counsel, and for 6 years as Chairman of the Denton County Republican Party. At the State level, I served for 6 years as a Regent at Texas Woman’s University and twice on the Organizing Committee of the annual Texas Special Olympics. Regionally, I serve on the Board of Directors of the North Texas Mobility Corporation and the North Texas State Fair Association, and served as Vice President of the Longhorn Council, Boy Scouts of America. Locally, I served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Denton Chamber of Commerce, President of the Denton Kiwanis Club, Board member of the Greater Denton Arts Council, Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 140, and President of the Denton County Bar Association.

Finally, issues are important. While there are many issues, the top issues that I have consistently heard and which I will support are the eight (8) Legislative Priorities of the Republican Party of Texas: 1) Protect our Elections, 2) Secure the border, 3) Ban Gender Modification of Children, 4) Stop sexualizing Texas children by removing porn from our school libraries, 5) Ban Democrat Committee Chairs, 6) Abolish Abortion in Texas, 7) Defend our Gun Rights, and  8) Enforcing Parental Rights and Educational Freedom.

Thank you for your consideration and vote for knowledge, experience, and skill. Vote Richard Hayes for House District 57.