Press Release: Organizational Meeting July 2022

For Immediate Release

July 14, 2022

Contact: Brent Hagenbuch at

 Denton County Republican Party Executive Committee Organizational Meeting

 DENTON, TEXAS – The first County Executive Committee meeting is a required organizational meeting for the 2022-2024 term. Chairman Hagenbuch is the leader of the local Denton County party. His responsibilities include but are not limited to overseeing the Primary, Candidate Filing, and other elections. In addition, chairman Hagenbuch leads County Executive Committee Meetings, organizing and leading the local party, and oversees and assists with precinct and county or Senate District Conventions as required. This important meeting will take place Thursday, July 14, in Denton.

The main topics to be covered are the swearing-in of 158 Precinct Chairs by the Honorable County Judge Andy Eads, adoption and passage of bylaws and standing rules, confirmation of organizational appointments, and selection of Republican Judicial vacancy nominees for the general election.

The Social Host for this meeting is the Honorable Representative Jared Patterson of House District 106 in Eastern Denton County. Representative Patterson conveyed to the CEC members, “I’m so proud to host all of our great Republican precinct chairs, especially our new members, tonight at the CEC. These folks are the boots on the ground and the face of our party for their neighborhoods. It’s my honor to welcome them as we count down to victory this November!”

As the inaugural year of Chairman Hagenbuch’s term began, he emphasized, “Our party is strong, with more people than ever embracing our conservative values and ready to vote Republican. I am excited about winning big in November.”

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