Representative Jared Patterson – 3rd Special Session

3rd Special Session to Start at
1PM on Columbus Day



On Thursday, October 5th, Governor Greg Abbott made it official: He is calling the Texas Legislature back for a third special session this year. His proclamation is below:



I am not looking forward to moving back to Austin for a bit, but I am very much looking forward to getting back to work at your Texas Capitol on these important policy initiatives.

This past session, we appropriated $5.1 billion toward stationing Texas military and DPS Troopers on the border, building the wall, installing floating buoys and razor wire, operating thousands of cameras, and other border security measures. We also designated drug cartels as terrorist organizations and allowed for an interstate compact between states to strengthen our efforts. Still, I am proud Gov. Abbott and the Legislature will continue fighting Biden’s Border Crisis with additional security measures.

Perhaps the most pressing civil rights issue of our time is parental and student choice in education, also known as school choice. Of course, most forget to mention it also creates greater opportunities for teachers, too. For too long, the Austin establishment has protected a system instead of focusing on what’s best for students. Though most students – particularly in rural Texas – will still choose to attend their local public school, I am excited to get to work on additional options in a new education marketplace for parents, students and teachers.

Another important issue to tackle is vaccine freedom. Recently, we passed laws protecting Texans from government-mandated vaccines and masks. However, there are still too many private employers pushing the COVID vaccine, which is unproven and ineffective. We must eliminate these mandates so Texans have the opportunity to work without the fear of long-term complications from a rushed vaccine.

Each of the policies on the call are important for the future of Texas and I stand ready to join my colleagues under the dome and get back to work for you.




As you know by now, I will never stop fighting for our shared conservative values. As the top conservative in the Texas House, I am a big target for the left. They would love to eliminate me as one of the biggest hurdles in Austin. In fact, just this week, we had a far-left Democrat announce that he’s planning to flip HD 106 from red to blue.  We cannot let that happen! Every, $25, $50 or even $100 helps us fight back against the radical left. Please consider contributing today!