Representative Jared Patterson – Historic Border Security Package





Texas State Representative Jared Patterson and his House colleagues passed a landmark package of bills noted as the strongest border security measures ever passed at the state level. These bills, HB 4, SB 4 and HB 6 take bold action to address the ongoing crisis at the southern border and are in addition to the more than $5 billion appropriated during the regular session for border security measures.

HB 4 creates state criminal offenses related to illegal entry into or presence in the state by an illegal alien. This desperately needed reform is the first in the nation to address the complete failure of the Biden Administration to enforce the laws of this nation. Under this bill, Texas law enforcement officials will be able to apprehend and deport illegal immigrants in Texas.

SB 4 increases penalties for the act of smuggling and operating a stash house. The legislation creates minimum prison sentences for both crimes and heightens the operation of a stash house from a misdemeanor to a felony.

HB 6 appropriates an additional $1.5 billion for the construction, operation, and maintenance of border barrier infrastructure. When added to the historic appropriation during the regular session, it brings the total investment in border security measures to more than $6.5 billion this year alone.

“When I first ran for office, Texas was spending a few hundred million for border security measures. Under the failed Biden Administration, Texans have been forced to spend more and more to protect ourselves and our country from record illegal crossings, human trafficking and drug smuggling operations.” Rep. Patterson stated. “The current state of the border is unacceptable, and these historic measures are required to maintain the sovereignty of our state and our nation. When Washington DC fails, Texas stands in the gap.”



Concluding at 4:03AM Thursday morning, the Texas House passed the strongest package of border security measures in history. This brings the total funding of border security to more than $6.5 billion this year and is on top of heightened penalties for human trafficking, drug smuggling, stash houses and, for the first time, state offenses for crossing into or being in the state illegally.

When combined with the largest property tax cut in US history, the Texas Heartbeat Act and Trigger Ban on abortion, passing sweeping election integrity legislation, Constitutional Carry and a host of bills protecting children from radical sexualization in schools, sports, on the internet and from live performances, I have helped put together the boldest package of conservative policy wins in the history of the United States.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in your Texas House!