Representative Jared Patterson – The READER Act becoming law in Texas

becoming law in Texas
Watch the past year’s key events unfold leading to The READER Act becoming law in Texas!
Inside the Governor’s Office for the official bill signing

Official Statement by Rep. Patterson:

“Governor Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill 900, The READER Act, lifting the voices of parents from across our great state. This law, named model legislation for the rest of country, is the result of more than 18 months of work by Texas parents fighting against sexually explicit content in public schools. Explicit material has no place within the public school system and this bill, now signed by Governor Abbott, has become law to ensure book vendors will be held accountable for the material they are putting into the hands of our children.

I thank Speaker Dade Phelan for making The READER Act a priority in the Texas House, Governor Abbott for his commitment to protecting children, and the countless moms and dads across Texas who have stood up against the insanity to protect the innocence of our children.”

I am so thankful that my wife, Leslie, my hardworking staff, Jeffrey, Madison, Arath and Melanie, and moms from across Texas (who represent hundreds of others in the trenches) were able to join me in Austin for the official bill signing.

Thank you all so much for your support throughout this past legislative session! We accomplished so much but have more to do. As I work with my colleagues in the Texas House & Senate to complete our work during special sessions of the legislature, I will continue to rely on your prayers. Thank you!

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