Representative Jared Patterson – Trump-Appointed Judge Tries To Derail READER Act



“Earlier today, Trump-appointed Federal Judge Alan Albright of Austin issued an oral injunction against HB 900, also known as the READER Act. We look forward to reading his report expected in the coming weeks. The law was set to take effect September 1, 2023, but isn’t scheduled to be fully implemented until several hurdles are cleared in 2024. Therefore, this temporary delay will not derail our expectations.

The READER Act is sound policy built upon multiple Supreme Court cases defending freedom of speech while understanding reasonable restrictions may be placed against obscene or pervasively vulgar content, especially as it relates to minors. As the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the State Board of Education continue their work on mandatory library standards, which should be voted on this November, I would encourage book vendors and the far-left activists funding this lawsuit to celebrate with caution. This case is far from over. We will continue to fight and we will win.

Sexually explicit content has no home in our public schools.”

As you have witnessed for nearly two years now, we will not stop fighting until our children are protected.  The ACLU and other far-left activists are fighting tooth and nail to derail our efforts to protect children from sexually explicit content in the classroom, from live sexual drag shows, and from dangerous surgeries attempting to “transition” their gender. They even sued to stop our new bill requiring pornography websites verify the age of their users.

The far left isn’t going to stop at the classroom or the courtroom. As the top conservative in the Texas House, I am also a top target this cycle. Join our team today by contributing to our campaign as we ramp up the battle against the radical leftists hell-bent on sexualizing our children.