Representative Lynn Stucky: ALERT: Last chance at $18 billion tax cut!

Don’t miss your chance at $18 billion in property tax relief


Tuesday is election day, but not like the ones most Texans are used to around this time of year. In odd number years, Texas voters head to the polls in November to approve or deny Constitutional propositions put forward by the Texas Legislature. This year, I worked hard to put the $18 billion property tax relief package on the ballot.

This past weekend Team Stucky was talking to voters and reminding them about the election. Can you believe there are Texans who don’t know they have a chance to increase their homestead exemption to $100,000 (up from $40,000) and reduce their local school tax rates? To make it easier for voters, I put together a Voting Guide on my website and included information about what happens if each of the 14 Constitutional Amendments passes.

Thank you to the voters who took advantage of early voting the past two weeks. For those who haven’t voted, check the website for information about polling places and more.

All the best,

Dr. Lynn Stucky
Texas State Representative
House District 64

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