Representative Lynn Stucky – Border Update & Back to School

Texas continues to lead on Border Security


Texas continues to face one challenge after another. The biggest challenge, it seems, is the Biden Administration and the continued attempts to weaken Border Security. Thankfully, I have joined with Gov. Greg Abbott in supporting AND funding the largest border security effort in state history.

This session, as a member of the House budget-writing committee I fought for and delivered more than $5.1 billion in continued funding for Operation Lone Star. After securing this historic funding, Gov. Abbott announced a new plan to deter the dangerous crossings that have led to so many immigrants drowning.

With the continued attacks by the Biden Administration, I wanted to set the record straight and provide an update with the latest dispatches from the Texas-Mexico border. Click here to read the latest from Operation Lone Star and why this buoy system is the right choice to strengthen border security.

The work continues and I know lawmakers will keep the discussion going during the forthcoming special session. Texas will continue to secure the border, build barriers, and put boots on the ground.


Dr. Lynn Stucky
Texas State Representative
House District 64

Back-to-School: A recap on Public Education Funding in Texas

This session, the legislature delivered more than $93 billion for public education. Because some of the enabling legislation did not pass, the funding included in the budget remains parked. These programs are expected to be included in the upcoming Special Session this fall.

Click here to read more about the funding included in the budget, from teacher pay raises to school choice initiatives. The work continues.

Protecting Women’s Collegiate Sports

Lori and I were honored to join Governor Greg Abbott for a bill signing ceremony earlier this month at Texas Woman’s University. The governor signed the Protect Women’s Sports Act into law, a bill I co-authored and helped pass during the session. After two sessions of working hard on these policies, Texas is taking a stand to protect women’s sports and the opportunities for young women to achieve in K-12 and college sports.

Thank you to the supporters who attended the event and stood tall in the face of hate & evil from protestors. A special thank you to the two TWU students who stood at the back of the protest and thanked lawmakers for supporting this important law.

#StickWithStucky on the campaign trail

It’s been a busy summer speaking to chamber organizations in Denton and Wise County. We hosted a luncheon for elected officials from Wise County to discuss policy proposals and coalitions. And I joined the Denton County Delegation for a celebration of Republican victories in the 88th Texas Legislature.

Thank you to everyone who has invited me to speak or hosted an event. We are looking forward to a fun fall on the campaign trail.

They call the thing North Texas Fair & Rodeo

This past weekend saw another PRCA Rodeo come to town as part of the annual North Texas Fair and Rodeo. For more than 35 years, I have volunteered as a veterinarian for the North Texas Fair and Rodeo. It is a privilege to serve and get the opportunity to reconnect with my rural roots.

Don’t miss your chance to grab your family and enjoy a fun night out at the fair. The North Texas Fair & Rodeo continues through this Saturday.

Dr. Stucky earns more than 200 endorsements from Denton, Wise Counties

The support for Dr. Lynn Stucky’s re-election continues to grow every day. From local elected official to community leaders to lifelong residents, there are literally hundreds of people from Denton and Wise Counties signing up to endorse Dr. Stucky for State Representative in House District 64.
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