State Representative Kronda Thimesch – HD 65: A Milestone Moment: Kronda Thimesch Officially Files for Re-Election


I’ve Officially Filed for Reelection!



Dear Texan,


This past Saturday was not just another day on the calendar—it was the day we took a definitive step towards the future we believe in for Texas House District 65. I officially filed for re-election, and I did so with our shared dreams and convictions guiding every stroke of the pen.



As I formalized my candidacy, I wasn’t just signing a form; I was reaffirming my commitment to our shared values and the priorities that matter most to us:


·     Securing Our Borders: Committing to the safety and sovereignty of Texas.

·     Economic Prosperity: Driving policies that create jobs and foster opportunity while continuing to push for even more property tax relief for Texas families.

·     Educational Excellence: Building an education system that empowers parents, lifts up our children, and supports our teachers.

·     Preserving Our Liberties: Defending the constitutional rights that are the foundation of our freedom.

·     Protecting Our Culture: Resisting the forces that seek to undermine our values and expose our children to sexualized material.


These aren’t just campaign promises; they are the principles I’ve fought for every day in office and will continue t

Together, we’re not just running a campaign; we’re safeguarding the Texas legacy for our children and grandchildren.


Forward with Courage,



Kronda Thimesch

State Representative, House District 65