State Senator Drew Springer’s Capitol Update

Hello Friends,

On Monday the 88th Legislative Session came to a close. Those 140 days flew by fast, but I am proud of what my fellow Legislators and I were able to accomplish for Texas. I wanted to highlight a couple of the policies I’m excited about which passed both chambers and are now on Governor Abbott’s desk.

  • A Conservative Budget Plan that does not exceed population growth times inflation, and addresses key priorities for our rapidly expanding state.
  • Ending COVID Mandates Forever
    • SB 29 bans the state and local government from issuing mask, vaccine, and business closure mandates.
  • Securing Elections
    • HB 1243 returns the penalty for voting illegally to a second-degree felony.
    • SB 1933 gives power to the Secretary of State’s office to step in, investigate, and manage elections when there are integrity concerns. The Secretary of State will also have the power to remove ineffective county election officials.
  • Protecting Children From Sexually Explicit Material & Gender Modification 
    • SB 12 bans drag shows from being performed in front of children.
    • HB 900 keeps sexually explicit books out of school libraries and holds vendors liable for rating the books based on their content.
    • SB 14 prohibits hormone therapies, puberty blockers, and transition-related surgeries for minors. The Governor signed this into law on Friday.
  • Keeping Schools Safe
    • HB 3 increases each school’s school safety allotment funding and requires schools to have an armed security guard on campus.
  • Strengthening The Electric Grid
    • SB 2627 will help spur the construction of new power plants to add to the state’s electricity supply so that Texas is prepared for the next winter storm.


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