State Senator Drew Springer’s Capitol Update

Hello Friends,

While Biden was at his Lake Tahoe pilates class, Texans were holding the line to stop illegal immigration, weapons, and deadly drugs from pouring across the southern border. Since March 2021, Operation Lone Star has made over 414,000 apprehensions, over 33,200 criminal arrests, and seized over 426 million lethal fentanyl doses. Thankfully, we are not in the fight alone! Twenty-four Republican Governors have committed to helping us secure the southern border, and many have provided personnel to assist our Texas Department of Public Safety officers and the Texas National Guard. In fact, on Monday, Governor Abbott held a press conference in Eagle Pass with four of those Governors.

Click Here To Watch Gov. Abbott’s Border Security Press Conference
In the fight to secure the border, my fellow Legislators and I know how important it is for Texas to have the tools to work with other states. That is why we passed a law authorizing an interstate compact for border security. If you would like to learn more about the interstate compact and other vital pieces of legislation that we passed, continue reading below.

  • SB 423 allows the Texas State Guard to use unmanned aircrafts as part of an operation, exercise, or mission. The bill allows the Texas State Guard to use drones for search and recovery missions after natural disasters and to monitor the border.
  • SB 602 expands the authority of U.S. Border Patrol agents who have completed a DPS training program to include arrest, search, and seizure at established border checkpoints and points of entry for felony offenses under Texas law.
  • SB 1403 authorizes the Governor to coordinate and execute an interstate compact for border security without congressional approval. This compact empowers participating states to share vital resources and information, strengthening capabilities to address the border crisis and finish constructing our southern border wall.
  • SB 1484 creates a collaborative border operations training program through DPS for peace officers employed by local law enforcement agencies along the border. The bill will allow DPS to share expertise in identifying and preventing transnational criminal activity.
  • SB 1900 designates Mexican drug cartels and criminal organizations as foreign terrorist organizations and increases penalties for the destruction of illegal drugs and the operation of stash houses. This bill also adds foreign terrorist organizations to intelligence databases and allows local entities to seek public nuisance claims against them.
 An Update From The District
Celebrating this session’s victories with the Denton County delegation & Denton County GOP at the Texas Legislative Conservative Wins Celebration.
I joined the Denison Chamber with Congressman Fallon & Representative Smith to discuss legislation that supports our local businesses.
Grabbing a group “selfie” to celebrate Denton County GOP Chairman Brent Hagenbuch’s re-election campaign!
I joined the Diehl family to celebrate the passage of SB 129, Caleb’s Law, which upgrades Texas’s child pornography laws for the first time in 34 years. I presented Caleb’s mother, Tammy, with a signed copy of SB 22.
I toured Denton ISD’s LaGrone Academy, where students have the opportunity to earn college credit or the necessary preparation to attain certifications or licenses in technical fields.
The North Texas Fair & Rodeo is always so much fun! Thank you to the Association for the custom belt buckle commemorating the fair & rodeo.

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God Bless,

Senator Drew Springer