Meet Blanca Oliver

About Me

My husband, Chance, and I have been residents of the JP 6 community for 18 years. We have 4 children, and our home is also a host home for to a foreign exchange student from China. I have a long history of volunteerism in my community. 

Why are you running for office?  

I am running for this office to provide well-rounded and exceptional service to the residents of JP 6 when they appear in the justice court setting.  My twenty years of legal and business experience, along with my education, have prepared me to be effective on day one of this role. I have extensive experience in landlord/tenant disputes, contract matters, and criminal law issues. In my present position, I routinely participate in mediations and testify in state and federal courts nationwide. I have a Psychology degree from TWU, and a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from SMU, and I am bilingual.

Why should voters choose you? 

I believe the elected judge should be one who is fair to ALL parties, follows the law, and provides prompt dispositions for all parties involved.  The judge should not rule based on personal feelings because although it may seem to help one party involved, it often creates a larger problem in the long run.  The court should be one of law and equity not one of delay. As a judge, you are a referee ensuring that everyone gets a fair shake. My platform is simple. I will make decisions based on facts and law, not personal agendas. I will treat all parties with respect and dignity. And I will provide timely hearings and decisions on all cases. Justice delayed is justice denied.